Wow. Much FM Synthesis


IMPORTANT: This product is still in beta (v0.3.12). You can however purchase it for a discounted price.

Alternatively, you may wish to join our beta testers. If this interests you, please send us a message here.

Dazzle your friends with your mad EQ skills 🤯

  • 👻 GHOST has a massive effects rack.
  • 👀 Look at its big and helpful displays.
  • ☝️ Drag to reorder or remove them.
  • 📈 Automate parameters for maximum profits.

Squash your sound into a pancake 🥞

  • 💯 Hold multiple instances of the same FX item.
  • 🔥 Keep adding filters and distortions.
  • 🏆 Win the loudness wars.
  • 😡 Keep adding even more distortions.
  • 😵 Make your ears bleed!


  • Fix permission issues on MacOS
  • Improve performance on MacOS (Windows is fast)
  • Finish making GUIs for items in the FX rack
  • Pimp out factory content library.
  • Build preset browser
  • Add more filters
  • Add more distortions
  • Reskin the whole thing.